Marine Sector

1. Shipyard Supervisors Safety Course

  • An Overview of Workplace Safety and Health Legislation
  • General Safety in Shipyard
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Hot Works
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Surface Treatment
  • Material Handling
  • Working At Height
  • Risk Assessment
  • Occupational
  • Health
  • Accident
  • Investigation and
  • Safety Inspection

2. Supervise Workplace Safety and Health in Process Plant

  • Comply with workplace safety and health legislations, guidelines and code of practice and provide inputs for risk assessment
  • Identify hazards and control measures
  • Comply with safety and health management system
  • Implement a permit-to-work system
  • Conduct safety and health inspection
  • Conduct incident investigation

3. Develop a Risk Management Implementation Plan

  • Verify the expectations of a risk management champion with relevant person in accordance with organisational Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) policy
  • Form a risk management team based on organisational WSH policy and in compliance with WSH (Risk Management) Regulations requirements
  • Establish hazard identification methodology for the workplace to identify WSH hazards associated with any work activity or trade
  • Establish risk assessment methodology for the workplace to determine the risk levels of the identified hazards associated with any work activity or trade
  • Establish risk control measures methodology for the workplace to manage the identified risks to a level as low as reasonably practicable by following the principles of hierarchy of control
  • Develop a workplace risk management plan to implement the hazard identification, risk assessment, and risk control measures in accordance with organisational WSH policy
  • Present the risk management plan to relevant stakeholders for consideration in accordance with organisational procedures
  • Communicate the identified hazard, risk evaluated, and implemented risk control measures to the person concerned in accordance with risk management plan

4. Safety Instruction Course for Ship Repair Managers

  • Legislations, Singapore Standards & Codes of Practices relevant to the area of work of ship repair managers
  • Roles and Responsibilities Of A Ship Repair Manager
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Operational Control
  • Safety and Health Management System For Ship Building/Ship Repair
  • Audit and Review
  • Assessment

5. Shipyard Safety Instruction Course – General Trade

  • Chemistry of fire and types of combustible materials (Fuel)
  • Shipyard Permit-to-Work systems for prevention of fire and explosions
  • Causes of fires and explosions and their prevention
  • Safety signs
  • Evacuation in case of a fire
  • Specialized operations
  • Material handling
  • Mechanical and electrical hazards.
  • Falling hazards
  • Health hazards

6. Supervise Work in Confined Space Operation

  • Identify duties and responsibilities of a Confined Space Supervisor under the WSH legislations and Codes of Practice.
  • Identify, prevent and control confined space hazards.
  • Carry out and comply with the requirements of Confined Space Entry Permit System using a systematic approach.
  • Apply Gas Detection Instruments and other control measures when working in confined space.
  • Implement the safe use of personal protective equipment and respiratory protective equipment when in a confined space
  • Assist in implementing an Emergency Response Plan.

7. Integrated Rigger and Signalman Course

  • Describe the legislative requirements for safe lifting operation
  • List the duties of the Rigger and Signalman in lifting operation
  • Participate in toolbox meeting
  • Estimate load and determine center of gravity
  • Conduct pre-lift inspection of crane, lifting gear and accessories and serviceability check on communication equipment
  • Practice good housekeeping of communication equipment, crane, lifting gear and accessories
  • Select the appropriate rigging equipment
  • Rig and direct load to destination with safe lifting
  • Check and verify load is properly rigged
  • Apply 3-step lifting and lowering method to comply with safe work procedures for lifting operation
  • Check for blind spots and estimate clearance of swing path with cordon-off of lifting and lowering area

8. Marine Metal Scaffold Erector Course

  • Identify hazards related to lifting operation
  • Respond to lifting accident and emergencies
  • Set up communications for safe lifting operation
  • Communicate lifting instructions using standard hand & voice signals